Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Good Finds

Back to share with you the rest of our home good finds. :)
Here's a couple of nesting tables we got for $79.99 for the set. We have been looking for something to put the stereo on and to put against this wall. Love the color!
I had to get this cute little white vase, I love the shape of it!! Makes the stereo look a little better haha... maybe? It was $9.99.

I showed a sneak peak of this print in the last card post I put up. It's the new cat bed! Finally one with a nice print. It's sad that most pet beds are ugly. I like how you can now purchase covers online that are stylish. But we got lucky finding this one for $19.99. Love how we can take the cover off and wash it too.

I think she likes it :)

And he seems to totally pass out on it for hours haha.

Thanks for stopping by:)
Oh, and the tables are coming along, but it started raining about 10 minutes after I started to work on them agian :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I want to get them done! :)

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