Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organizing on Wednesday: Craft Room Home Good Finds!!

My boyfriend and I made our first trip to Home Goods on Monday. I can't believe we've never been there before!! Talk about serious A.D.D. in that place! We went in just to look and see what it was about, and came out with 9 items! Here are 3 things Ash got me for the craft room!!

This lovely Paris box! I love the colors and I've notice I'm starting to go with blue and turquoise for my color choice in the room... for some reason I love everything blue. I think I'm going to use this for my Slice Machine. Right now its in a metal basket and collects dust if I don't cover it. So this would be perfect! And it was only $9.99!!

I HAD to get one of these magazine holders. There were two of them and I was debating on getting them both, but the other one was chipped so I just stuck with the one. I love the color and it is perfect to hold my books and magazines! It was $29.99! I think its a great deal. I know Pottery Barn sells something like this and I can't remember the price... probably ridiculous though (not hating, just some things are over priced there). And they only come in neutral colors. Can't wait for it to hang in the room! The walls are bare :(

And last... the cake stand!!! I found one that I fell in love with on Etsy but it sold! I was so happy to run into this one. Even though it looks completely different in every way, I still love it. The shape of the plate is different and the color.. well is perfect, even has some brown distressing :) I plan to put it on my desk whenever I get one! It was $16.99 -perfect!!!

I will be sharing some of our other finds this week!

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  1. pretty pretty pretty!!!!lovin the color!