Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Good Finds

Back to share with you the rest of our home good finds. :)
Here's a couple of nesting tables we got for $79.99 for the set. We have been looking for something to put the stereo on and to put against this wall. Love the color!
I had to get this cute little white vase, I love the shape of it!! Makes the stereo look a little better haha... maybe? It was $9.99.

I showed a sneak peak of this print in the last card post I put up. It's the new cat bed! Finally one with a nice print. It's sad that most pet beds are ugly. I like how you can now purchase covers online that are stylish. But we got lucky finding this one for $19.99. Love how we can take the cover off and wash it too.

I think she likes it :)

And he seems to totally pass out on it for hours haha.

Thanks for stopping by:)
Oh, and the tables are coming along, but it started raining about 10 minutes after I started to work on them agian :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I want to get them done! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DYI: Refinish old tables!

So I got these unloved tables from Craigslist for 30 buck each. I probably should have talked down the price, but I was just too excited to have tables I can refinish. They have water stains on them and I hate the color. I simply bought them because I LOVE the shape and saw the potential. They are solid wood so they helps. I am actually waiting for the bottom coat to dry as I write this. The bottom is a brown color, but when it's on the tables it almost looks like a grey which I love even more. I bought baby blue (I wanted a turquoise or something better but couldn't find anything!) for the top coat and plan on sanding a little bit of it down to give a distressed look. I won't go crazy on these with the distessing, only places where people would bump into the table throughout the years. I couldn't wait to make a post so I hope your just as excited about the reveal as I am! This is the first thing I have refinished and even the first time I've ever used spray paint!! Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organizing on Wednesday: Time to save for this bad boy!!

Finally something I LOVE!!
I have been looking and looking, and looking some more for a main storage unit for the 'ol craft room. I found this china cabinet on Esty, but of course it sold. I loved it and it was very resonable and very shabby chic. I am almost glad it sold now that I think about it, I want something that doesn't fit just one look. I am one of those people who need furniture they can change up because my style changes all the time. So after searching forever and alot of being bummed out since I couldn't find pieces that weren't just MDF and veneer... I found this! IKEA! DUH!

Ok, so why didn't I think of this before? For some reason I was thinking the majority of Ikea furniture is MDF and veneer (which alot of it is). However the pieces that they do have in solid wood are all great! I love some of their veneer stuff too, but I want something that will last longer and can handle alot of moving around. So I'll think of it as an investment and pass up alot of great pieces because of their materials. :( Sad, I know..

Anyways, this is from their Hemnes line. Isn't it great? I love the clean lines and how theres shelving, drawers and cabinets. They sell each piece seperate too if you like. I think the molding on the top is different if you get the set (don't quote me on that). I can just change up the look simply by changing the knobs. I love how something little like knobs can really make a difference.

I'm also being picky about buying something that I can grow into! I think as scrapbookers we have all had the problem of finding just the right spot for something, and then you add to it and run out of room for more. Here is a little chart I made on trying to plan before I make the big purchase.

(Click on the pic to view it better) As you can see I have alot of blank space. Now this isn't perfect and I don't have everything listed but I am trying to somewhat plan ahead just to give myself an idea of what I'm working with. This is just a little something of what I have so far.

Now it is that time to start saving saving saving!!! Kinda sad that Vegas doesn't have an Ikea so I will have to pay for shipping, or drive to Arizona for it. I will keep you updated on this lovely unit and tell you if I change anything up.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

*Just For You* Card

I have to say that I can't get over my addiction to the butterfly punch. I made this card to go with a 20 layout album that I can't show yet. Once it is mailed and they recieve it I will share all the layouts with you! Not at once though since theres soooo many! But you will see that I used the butterfly punch for each page!! I figured I'm safe showing the card, so here it is!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Post Idea?

So I'm thinking about challenging myself to have a weekly post on the same day for a certain thing. haha. I think it will be on organizing... until everything is organized at least. I've been thinking on what I should do but I've come to the conclusion that I can't get anything done until I have everything nice and organized. My craft room is a mess!! I have been slowly getting things done and thinking of ideas however, I don't even have my main furniture. So as you can see in my pervious posts I've just been buying small things here and there or trying to use what I have. So on every Wednesday I will try my best to share my progress with you. It won't just be on the craft room, it will be on anything that I need to get done. If I can't get anything done for a weeks post then I will share pictures of ideas or anything I can think of.

I hope this will motivate me so I can start really crafting again... it's been a long long time.
If you have any questions, suggestions or things you need help with then feel free to leave a comment! I would love to help in anyway I can :) So watch out for "Oranizing on Wednesday"!!

Organizing on Wednesday: Craft Room Home Good Finds!!

My boyfriend and I made our first trip to Home Goods on Monday. I can't believe we've never been there before!! Talk about serious A.D.D. in that place! We went in just to look and see what it was about, and came out with 9 items! Here are 3 things Ash got me for the craft room!!

This lovely Paris box! I love the colors and I've notice I'm starting to go with blue and turquoise for my color choice in the room... for some reason I love everything blue. I think I'm going to use this for my Slice Machine. Right now its in a metal basket and collects dust if I don't cover it. So this would be perfect! And it was only $9.99!!

I HAD to get one of these magazine holders. There were two of them and I was debating on getting them both, but the other one was chipped so I just stuck with the one. I love the color and it is perfect to hold my books and magazines! It was $29.99! I think its a great deal. I know Pottery Barn sells something like this and I can't remember the price... probably ridiculous though (not hating, just some things are over priced there). And they only come in neutral colors. Can't wait for it to hang in the room! The walls are bare :(

And last... the cake stand!!! I found one that I fell in love with on Etsy but it sold! I was so happy to run into this one. Even though it looks completely different in every way, I still love it. The shape of the plate is different and the color.. well is perfect, even has some brown distressing :) I plan to put it on my desk whenever I get one! It was $16.99 -perfect!!!

I will be sharing some of our other finds this week!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ribbon Storage!

I have organized my ribbons many different way... left them with their packaging and just threw them in a drawer, stored them in jars and sort them by color, or just toss them in random places because I wasn't sure on what to do lol! The jar one was my most recent, it didn't cross my mind to snap a photo of it so I apologize. I threw my extras, or ones that just didn't fit into a bag... gorgeous right? ha!
The jars weren't much better! It did look nice having them by color... but I couldn't see all of them and had to empty the jar anytime I wanted to take something out.... not practical.
So, I was seaching online and came across this photo of ribbons wrapped around tags, and thought I would give it a try. Its simple, MUCH cleaner and I can actually see what I have.
So here they are... all pretty and in a place they can call home. I have for of these baskets and some ribbons waiting to be put on tags still. I love the way it looks and love how I won't have to deal with knots or buying something twice. Much easier although it did take awhile to put them all on, it was worth it!
Hope this helps you to get organized too!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hobby Lobby/Michaels Haul

I got a few things from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The photo tray, charm and sticker packs are from Hobby Lobby and the rubons, punch and micro beads are from Michaels.... I took the stickers off the microbeads already, but they are by Martha Stewart... clearance!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Paper Storage!!

Paper! Paper! Paper! It's probably the most difficult thing to get organized and to find a system that works best for you. Heres the changes I made!
Above is how I use to store my papers. This is probably only half of what I have, but just wasn't working!! I hated how you have to literally dig to find what you want and to put something back is even worse. I'm lazy and always just threw the papers I didn't want to use on the top of the pile; then they wouldn't be with the rest of the collection. I just always forgot what I even had..
So I changed to these clear paper folders from Michaels (I have 18 so far). They don't cost alot and you can fit a TON of paper in one. I fit four new 12x12 paper pads in one and it still had wiggle room. I have started to sort them by brand and collection. It works so nicely!! I even stick the embellishments or stickers in the folder so it can stay with the collection and I  don't forget about them.
I took it even further to put each collection in a page protector I had laying around. Right away I knew I wanted to stick with this "system". As you can see, this folder was dedicated to Webster's Pages. Keeping the papers in the page protectors also helps keep the corners from bending, and best of all... I can keep my scraps in them!! I never even wanted to bother with my scraps. I had them all in two 12x12 boxes and its a mess. I still need to clean those out. I would just NEVER use my scraps because it was just too messy and a pain to dig through those. This way is perfect. I can keep everything together and dont have to worry about pretty scraps never being used!
One thing I would reccomend not using are the Recollections page protectors. Although they are nice... they seem to be more snug then the ones I had laying around, so you can't fit as many papers. I can't remember what brand they are, but I needed more and thought I would try the Recollections one since they were cheaper and I needed alot of them. As you can see I couldn't fit the whole Trendsetter collection in just one page cover. All of that would have fit in the other ones. I didn't want to bother with taking them back though so I will just work with them. Thank goodness I only got one pack.

So for storing the folders... I sold my white JetMax (is that the name) Cubes so no, they are not going back on there. I want to buy baskets to put them in and keep them on the floor... (it will look good with how I picture the room lol). So when I get those I will share that with you. :)

Button/Cabochon Organization- Old and NEW!

I am slowly finding what I like and dislike when it comes to storing every little thing I have. Heres the old storage system to the new and definatley improved system!
Heres how I've been storing my buttons. I had all my buttons, brads and eyelets in this photo box. It just wasn't working!! Anytime I took something out, I have to redo the box since there wasn't enough room.
Even though the little jars look nice... it just wasn't for me. I did store them by color however, any time I wanted to find exactly what I need, I had to pour the whole jar out. It was just a pain and took more time cleaning up the mess.
I really don't have alot of cabochons... as you can see, and these are fairly new so I wasn't sure on where to put them. I stuck them in this little box that I still have yet to alter, I figured I can mix them in with my buttons and see how that works for me.
So I spotted this on and fell in love with it! My mom bought it for me (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!) and I recieved it today!! Even though I have NO furniture in my craft room... I still couldn't help but to open it and start storing my buttons! Its home will be on the floor, but hopefully for not very long!
As you can see the drawers are a really really good size... it puts my button collection to shame lol. I love it though, it really gives me room to grow!! The last one is empty because when I get my room together I would like to start making my own buttons so I figured I can have a drawer just for the handmade ones!
I still have to put the labels on, but I don't think I'm ready to yet. I want to buy my furniture and make sure everything is exactly where I want it before I start to label anything. I love how easy it will be now to just open the desired drawer and find what I need without having to make a mess and pour everything out. THANKS AGAIN MOM!! I LOVE this hutch!!

Once I get a spot in my room for it I will take a new pic and share with you! Hope this gave you some ideas and helped you out with your storage issues:) Take care!