Monday, June 27, 2011

Maya Road Prize!!!

YAY! I finally recieved my prize from!! I love seeing the challenges they have and saw the perfect one!! Maya Road! I have a post from May showing the banner that I made. We had to use 50% of Maya Road product and some of their newer product which was perfect since I made an order from TwoPeas before the challenge that was most, if not all, Maya Road! They picked three winners and I was one of them!!! The prize pack contained $50 worth of product!! I was so excited, the first thing I've ever won!!

Thank you so much TwoPeas for hosting this challenge and selecting me!
And of course thank you Maya Road for sponsoring this challenge! I love my prize!

*Mixed Half Circlr Chipboard Banner Album
*Play Word Chipboard Album
*Home Work Chipboard Album
*Baby Singleton Stamp
*Dark Bronze Maya Mist
*Antique Copper Maya Mist
*Organza Flowers- Cream/Brown
*Satin Poisies- Mauve and Bright Pink
*Gingham Fabric Blossoms- Green and Pink/Blue
*Country Gingham Poises- Brown and Beige
*Medallion Flowers- Rust and Light Brown
*Medallion Flowers- Lilac and Rose

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Capture Memories Mini

Hey everyone, heres a mini I'd like to share with you. I cut the pages with my Slice Machine, I used kraft paper and BasicGrey Curio papers. I went gel pen crazy with this mini!! I also did a ton of hand stitching. I wanted the focus to mostly be on the journaling so I only used two photos. I also went crazy with my Martha Stewart 3-in1 butterfly punch! Now for the 21 pictures!! I apologize some are a bit blurry!
(inspired by The Pink Couch )

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So... my room is a mess! I am selling my JetMax cubes tomorrow (hopefully she comes) and I have no where to put my stuff haha. Those things were great to begin with, but now I feel cluttered and don't enjoy scrapbooking when I feel cluttered for some reason. I use to have those, a desk, and a tower basket, but since I've moved I've just been using the cubes and it is not working!

Soooo, I need your help please! I want to hear what your favorite storage system is. I would also LOVE to hear how you store clear stamps. I have been debating on if I want to put them in DVD cases, or binders. I know the DVDs will take up alot of room, and I'm scared that my stamps will get ruined in binders. Smashing eachother or something. I wish a company came out with an amazing solution! lol.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment or comments telling me what has worked out for you. I would LOVE to hear about it. I've probably watched a million tour room videos, and still am having a hard time. I have a system with my papers now that I love and it works for me. I just need to buy more of the folders, but I will let you in on it and share pics when I am finished with that. I've started on my ribbons too, yet still have to finish. I would still like to hear how you store yours. Im not big on plastic bins and containers, I know they work well, and I like using them, but then putting those in a basket or something, I just don't like the way they look sitting out.

Thank you for your help! I can't wait any longer to get organized! lol

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Webster's Haul and Warehouse Sale Box

The Haul

I am in love with the colors in this collection, and of course the prints. I ordered the Designer Trim, Fabric Tickets, Image and Phrase stickers, the Desluxe Journaling Card Set, Fabric Robbin, and the Buttons and Twine. For the papers I got, Handsome Vintage, Fashionista, Accessorize, Style105, District45, and Leaders. I also had to get a pack of the Little Whimsies in the yellow hearts.. too cute!

The Warehouse Box

For the warehouse sale I recieved two packs of the Sparklers, a Floral Bouquet, two packs of the Bloomers trim, Petite Roses, Berry Bouquet, Florettes, the Deluxe Journaling Card Set for the Wonderfall collection, the Hollywood Vougue and Wonderfall 6x6 papers, Vellum and Diecut Kit, Florettes, Buttons and Twine for the Trand-Setter collection (even though I order them.. kinda sucks, but oh well), Transparencies, a pack of the Vintage Inspired Netting (yay!) Fabric Ribbons for the Wonderfall collection. For the papers I got, Leaders and Fashionista for the Trand-Setter collection (again...), Count Your Blessings and Diecut from the Wonderfall collection, Boardwalk and Sailor;s Guide from the YachtClub collection, Shine a Light from Hollywood Vogue, Time of My Life from Ladies&Gents, Fresh Hravest and Diecut from Spring Msrket, Far & Away from Seaside Retreat, Vellum from Life's Portrait, Vellim and Breezeway from Country Estate and the coupon page with tickets to cut out. All for $25!

Overall I'm pretty happy. Seems like there were 2 types of boxes they sent out. Now its time to hoard... I probably won't make anything until I get a desk, which I hope is soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Day At The Park

Drill weekend- family day :) heres a couple pics, that park is so nice:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Card Set

For the card base I used Hero Arts Kraft Notecards, I believe I got them from Michaels, if not then For the papers I used the Curio collection from Basic Grey. The call me stamp is new from Unity Stamp Company, I got that from The friends forever was from a dollar stamp set from Michales and the Thank You stamp is from Making Memories, a set I got from Tuesday Mornings. I used the Martha Stewart 3 in 1 butterfly punch, some Recollection perals and peral brads from Michales :)


So I've heard about how people put these devices on gas pumps that steal your card number once you swip, and apparently it is true. I got gas before my camping trip and a few days after we got back my checking account was empty. Someone in Palm Springs CA when to an ATM and cleaned out my account. I guess some ATM machines don't require you to use your pin number in order to take out money, it will only ask for your zip code, so when you get gas and have to put in your zip, the machine will track that also. They are putting these card readers on RedBox also. The ATM that they went to was a Chase ATM... I heard Chase was great, but I think its completely insane on how you don't need a pin. INSANE! Especially knowing how basically anyone can get your zip code... I mean stores ask for your zip all the time, so what if the store clerk writes down the card number and security number and also gets your zip? BAM! Now your account is empty. Not too smart on their part, pin numbers were invented for a reason! These card readers look like a part of the gas pump, I noticed no difference what so ever, apperently once in a while the part where you swip your card will be thicker, but most the time your basically screwed. Thank goodness my bank is taking care of it, but now it totally changed my worries about using my cards. Am I suppose to get cash out everytime I just want to get gas? Should I stop renting movies just because people are evil. It's sad how many people will steal just for drugs... CRAZY! Even working at Target I get counterfiet bills constantly! They are so obvious and you can even tell the people just want the money for drugs... ugh I'm so annoyed and basically venting lol. This is just a warning to all of you who are good good people. Just be careful! I never thought it would actually happen yet it did, the day before rent too! And just 2 days before mine and my boyfriends two year anniversery. When I went into the bank to talk to someone about it, the guy said that bank alone.... that building alone, gets about two people every day who is dealing with fraud from a gas station or RedBox. TWO people times however many branches they have... and times all the other bank companies that are available! CRAZY! The bankers I was talking to even had someone try getting gas with his card number in New York! While he was clearly at work here in Las Vegas. Just insane! I just wanted to warn all of you and share this horrible story with you and tell you to ba careful!