Saturday, June 18, 2011

Webster's Haul and Warehouse Sale Box

The Haul

I am in love with the colors in this collection, and of course the prints. I ordered the Designer Trim, Fabric Tickets, Image and Phrase stickers, the Desluxe Journaling Card Set, Fabric Robbin, and the Buttons and Twine. For the papers I got, Handsome Vintage, Fashionista, Accessorize, Style105, District45, and Leaders. I also had to get a pack of the Little Whimsies in the yellow hearts.. too cute!

The Warehouse Box

For the warehouse sale I recieved two packs of the Sparklers, a Floral Bouquet, two packs of the Bloomers trim, Petite Roses, Berry Bouquet, Florettes, the Deluxe Journaling Card Set for the Wonderfall collection, the Hollywood Vougue and Wonderfall 6x6 papers, Vellum and Diecut Kit, Florettes, Buttons and Twine for the Trand-Setter collection (even though I order them.. kinda sucks, but oh well), Transparencies, a pack of the Vintage Inspired Netting (yay!) Fabric Ribbons for the Wonderfall collection. For the papers I got, Leaders and Fashionista for the Trand-Setter collection (again...), Count Your Blessings and Diecut from the Wonderfall collection, Boardwalk and Sailor;s Guide from the YachtClub collection, Shine a Light from Hollywood Vogue, Time of My Life from Ladies&Gents, Fresh Hravest and Diecut from Spring Msrket, Far & Away from Seaside Retreat, Vellum from Life's Portrait, Vellim and Breezeway from Country Estate and the coupon page with tickets to cut out. All for $25!

Overall I'm pretty happy. Seems like there were 2 types of boxes they sent out. Now its time to hoard... I probably won't make anything until I get a desk, which I hope is soon!

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