Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Layout #2

So here is the second page of the wedding album (brothers wedding). All the layouts look really similar to keep the album looking the same and more put together. If it was my own wedding album I probably would have gone a little crazy hehe. Enjoy:)

As for the embellishments... I loves making them!! Very simple and fast but really cute. Heres a couple pics of what I used and the finished embellies!

Pretty addicting. I'm really caught up on making small clusters or groups of layered embellishments and not using flowers! It's crazy, I have a TON of flowers and had to use them on everything in the past, and now I can't remember the last time I used them... I know I will get back to them in some way... I just like change once in a while. :)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camping 2011- Mini Album

WooHoo! So after a day of trying to load this album I finally got it!! Something is wrong with Blogger... as usual. And I'm having a hard time loading pics without them being different colors. Anybody else having this problem? I couldn't give up though!

So... here is a mini I made 2 nights ago. I used huge tags I got from my (old) local scrapbooking store. They measure 8.5x4 but I cut them down to 6 inches (6x4). Huge right? I love these tags and wish I can pick up some more!

I ordered the pictures from Scrapbook Pictures and loooove them!! I haven't found good paper to print on from home, but its probably cheaper to order from them anyways and they ship super fast and have a ton of custom sizes and options for the photos! Can't believe I haven't heard of them until recently!

This mini is from our first camping trip together! Just  the two of us:) It was fun, and cold, and only if I had pictures from the night we spent trying to sleep on the ground, with no tent, and high winds with flames from the fire putting holes in our sleeping bags haha.... soooo we ended up having to sleep in the car. I'm just glad my hair didn't catch on fire! :)

I used October Afternoon's Campfire papers and stickers, Maya Road chipboard, Melissa Frances pearls, Martha Stewart twine and punch, Basic Grey buttons and I can't remember where in the world I got the cute brads from! Sorry! oh!... and a little bit of hand stitching:)

So enough of me talking... prepare to view 18 photos!!

Pretty cute right? This has to be my favorite mini I've made. Sometimes less is more and keeping things simple helps show off the story (pictures) more.

Hope you enjoyed! Please leave comments:)
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Table Reveal!!!!!

FINALLY!! I finished the tables, yay! I'm pretty happy with they way they turned out, and it was a learning experience. So here is what they look like all finished, and I will walk you through the rest, or you can just skip it:) BEWARE- Picture overload :)

So, remember these ugly things? I bought them from Craigslist for 60 bucks, and paid an extra 20 for them to be delivered. Not too bad, but I probably should have talked them down. I know oak can be nice, but I'm just not into it. These babies also needed some love put back in their lives. :) (Don't mind the ugly green carpet! I would totally change it if I owned this place haha!)

As you can see they were well used. I just sanded them, which took awhile but it was worth it. I used 220 grit sand paper.

I first sprayed them with Valspar in Labador Brown. Note to self: always buy more paint then they tell you to buy!! Since this was my first project I asked how much I needed and the guy told me one can each... nope... I ended up using 3 cans of this brown and close to using a forth since the top wasn't coming out even, but I skipped it since it was just the base coat.

I like that color as is. Looks really nice and I made sure to use a flat paint:)

I wanted to go for an airy feel though and something softer. Most of the furniture in the apartment is in the brown and tan family, so these are a nice change. I used Valspar Baby Blue in satin. I wanted to go for more of a robbins egg blue but I wasn't able to find anythig like it, of course until I had to go pick up more paint! So it was too late by then. I used four cans of the blue. You can't tell in the picture but the tops of they tables came out spotty (again) since spray paint doens't come out too even, I did alot of sanding after it was dry which helped alot but they are still there. I think I have something in mind for them but I can't tell you just yet. If I go through with it then it will be another post:)

In this photo you can see that I did some distressing. I didn't want to do too much, just a little. So now you can see why I did the brown first, I knew I wanted to distress a little but I didn't want the oak to show through, I wanted a nicer darker brown to come through. So a little bit of sanding did the trick and I got the look I was hoping for. Since it was my first time ever using spray paint I wasn't sure if sanding it would take off all the layers, but it didn't! Yay. I'm so happy I went with it!

Like the flowers? :)

So what do you think about them? Have you refinished any furniture lately?
We have a dinning table to do next!! Thats my boyfriends job though ;)
Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!!

Wedding Album-Page 1

Hi there, if you read my last post you probably think I won't be on here for a while. I still want to try my best and not lose my followers by ignoring my blog, and can't sit around being sad all day, so I decided to share a layout that I promised.

If you saw this post then you will know that I have alot to share with you {20 layouts!}. Since I still haven't finished the tables I thought I would at least start sharing something from an older post. I'm not suppose to show it yet since my brother and sister-in-law haven't recieved the album, but I'm pretty sure they don't visit my blog... at least I'm hoping!

So here is the first page!

I used very very minimal embellishments and kept it simple. The Pink Paislee Parisian Anthology collection was perfect for these layouts.

I used Glimmer Mist on every page, and punched out butterflies from the Martha Stewart 3-in-1 punch. The white chipboard letters are old and I can't remember who made them. I picked them up at my old local scrapbooking store in AZ.

So I made a ton of flowers before I even recieved the pictures and... they were way to thick. I decided to go with a simple lillipop flower.. some what. I used one layer of the grey satin and two layers of tulle.

Here is what I used for the center of the flower. (I wasn't lying about very minimal supplies!) I believe I had a yard of the Maya Road flower trim, but worked perfectly to cut apart. I love these little flowers! I also got to go crazy with my newest punch!! Starbusrt from Martha Stewart. I've been wanting this baby for so long and decided to use a coupon at Michaels and now I can't get enough of it!!

Cute right? I had a blast making all the embellishments for this album!!

Thanks for stopping by! I will slowly show all the layouts but I don't want to bore you since they are very much alike.
And I promise to get those tables done!!! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Organizing on Wednesday: Embossing Powders

Since I had those large Making Memories jars emptied from all the ribbon, I decided to put embossing powders in them. I sorted them by color, and I'm also storing my small stamping inks in one. My powders used to just be thrown into a JetMax drawer and out of site. Much better now:)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Contact/E-Mail me about anything!!

Hey everyone! So today I decided to make an e-mail for your needs/wants. I know sometimes leaving comments just isn't enough... at least for me it isn't. So now there is a better way to keep in touch and to get to know each other. I love hearing the questions that you have and love answering them. I will read each and every e-mail and write back to you:) I can't wait to hear from you!!

That being said, the e-mail is ....simple right? lol I'm glad it wasn't taken:)

Thanks everyone!!