Friday, July 1, 2011

Button/Cabochon Organization- Old and NEW!

I am slowly finding what I like and dislike when it comes to storing every little thing I have. Heres the old storage system to the new and definatley improved system!
Heres how I've been storing my buttons. I had all my buttons, brads and eyelets in this photo box. It just wasn't working!! Anytime I took something out, I have to redo the box since there wasn't enough room.
Even though the little jars look nice... it just wasn't for me. I did store them by color however, any time I wanted to find exactly what I need, I had to pour the whole jar out. It was just a pain and took more time cleaning up the mess.
I really don't have alot of cabochons... as you can see, and these are fairly new so I wasn't sure on where to put them. I stuck them in this little box that I still have yet to alter, I figured I can mix them in with my buttons and see how that works for me.
So I spotted this on and fell in love with it! My mom bought it for me (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!) and I recieved it today!! Even though I have NO furniture in my craft room... I still couldn't help but to open it and start storing my buttons! Its home will be on the floor, but hopefully for not very long!
As you can see the drawers are a really really good size... it puts my button collection to shame lol. I love it though, it really gives me room to grow!! The last one is empty because when I get my room together I would like to start making my own buttons so I figured I can have a drawer just for the handmade ones!
I still have to put the labels on, but I don't think I'm ready to yet. I want to buy my furniture and make sure everything is exactly where I want it before I start to label anything. I love how easy it will be now to just open the desired drawer and find what I need without having to make a mess and pour everything out. THANKS AGAIN MOM!! I LOVE this hutch!!

Once I get a spot in my room for it I will take a new pic and share with you! Hope this gave you some ideas and helped you out with your storage issues:) Take care!

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  1. i love you drawers !! i love that color...all my scrap room furniture is black...i don't like it much !!! i hope you get everything you'd like for your room !!