Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organizing on Wednesday: Time to save for this bad boy!!

Finally something I LOVE!!
I have been looking and looking, and looking some more for a main storage unit for the 'ol craft room. I found this china cabinet on Esty, but of course it sold. I loved it and it was very resonable and very shabby chic. I am almost glad it sold now that I think about it, I want something that doesn't fit just one look. I am one of those people who need furniture they can change up because my style changes all the time. So after searching forever and alot of being bummed out since I couldn't find pieces that weren't just MDF and veneer... I found this! IKEA! DUH!

Ok, so why didn't I think of this before? For some reason I was thinking the majority of Ikea furniture is MDF and veneer (which alot of it is). However the pieces that they do have in solid wood are all great! I love some of their veneer stuff too, but I want something that will last longer and can handle alot of moving around. So I'll think of it as an investment and pass up alot of great pieces because of their materials. :( Sad, I know..

Anyways, this is from their Hemnes line. Isn't it great? I love the clean lines and how theres shelving, drawers and cabinets. They sell each piece seperate too if you like. I think the molding on the top is different if you get the set (don't quote me on that). I can just change up the look simply by changing the knobs. I love how something little like knobs can really make a difference.

I'm also being picky about buying something that I can grow into! I think as scrapbookers we have all had the problem of finding just the right spot for something, and then you add to it and run out of room for more. Here is a little chart I made on trying to plan before I make the big purchase.

(Click on the pic to view it better) As you can see I have alot of blank space. Now this isn't perfect and I don't have everything listed but I am trying to somewhat plan ahead just to give myself an idea of what I'm working with. This is just a little something of what I have so far.

Now it is that time to start saving saving saving!!! Kinda sad that Vegas doesn't have an Ikea so I will have to pay for shipping, or drive to Arizona for it. I will keep you updated on this lovely unit and tell you if I change anything up.

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  1. I am sooo loving this as well I need to redo my room...thanks for stopping by my blog.. I changed it to a pop out comment...sorry about the trouble.
    Have an awesome weekend!