Friday, July 1, 2011

Paper Storage!!

Paper! Paper! Paper! It's probably the most difficult thing to get organized and to find a system that works best for you. Heres the changes I made!
Above is how I use to store my papers. This is probably only half of what I have, but just wasn't working!! I hated how you have to literally dig to find what you want and to put something back is even worse. I'm lazy and always just threw the papers I didn't want to use on the top of the pile; then they wouldn't be with the rest of the collection. I just always forgot what I even had..
So I changed to these clear paper folders from Michaels (I have 18 so far). They don't cost alot and you can fit a TON of paper in one. I fit four new 12x12 paper pads in one and it still had wiggle room. I have started to sort them by brand and collection. It works so nicely!! I even stick the embellishments or stickers in the folder so it can stay with the collection and I  don't forget about them.
I took it even further to put each collection in a page protector I had laying around. Right away I knew I wanted to stick with this "system". As you can see, this folder was dedicated to Webster's Pages. Keeping the papers in the page protectors also helps keep the corners from bending, and best of all... I can keep my scraps in them!! I never even wanted to bother with my scraps. I had them all in two 12x12 boxes and its a mess. I still need to clean those out. I would just NEVER use my scraps because it was just too messy and a pain to dig through those. This way is perfect. I can keep everything together and dont have to worry about pretty scraps never being used!
One thing I would reccomend not using are the Recollections page protectors. Although they are nice... they seem to be more snug then the ones I had laying around, so you can't fit as many papers. I can't remember what brand they are, but I needed more and thought I would try the Recollections one since they were cheaper and I needed alot of them. As you can see I couldn't fit the whole Trendsetter collection in just one page cover. All of that would have fit in the other ones. I didn't want to bother with taking them back though so I will just work with them. Thank goodness I only got one pack.

So for storing the folders... I sold my white JetMax (is that the name) Cubes so no, they are not going back on there. I want to buy baskets to put them in and keep them on the floor... (it will look good with how I picture the room lol). So when I get those I will share that with you. :)

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