Thursday, July 28, 2011

DYI: Refinish old tables!

So I got these unloved tables from Craigslist for 30 buck each. I probably should have talked down the price, but I was just too excited to have tables I can refinish. They have water stains on them and I hate the color. I simply bought them because I LOVE the shape and saw the potential. They are solid wood so they helps. I am actually waiting for the bottom coat to dry as I write this. The bottom is a brown color, but when it's on the tables it almost looks like a grey which I love even more. I bought baby blue (I wanted a turquoise or something better but couldn't find anything!) for the top coat and plan on sanding a little bit of it down to give a distressed look. I won't go crazy on these with the distessing, only places where people would bump into the table throughout the years. I couldn't wait to make a post so I hope your just as excited about the reveal as I am! This is the first thing I have refinished and even the first time I've ever used spray paint!! Stay tuned!

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  1. ohhh excited to see what magic you do with them!