Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jerome, Arizona

I recently took a trip to Jerome with my mom, step-dad and friend Kristen and have some photos to share :) 
Jerome is one of my favorite places to visit here in Arizona. The little town is so old and has a ton of history behind it! If you're ever in the neighborhood I suggest checking it out!

IMG_4534J (32)-001
So plain but so pretty!

Our first stop... The Haunted Hamburger
IMG_4534J (21)-001
Their oh so famous and oh so yummy little restaurant
IMG_4534J (24)-001

IMG_4534J (27)-001
Would you stay at a place called The Surgeons House? ;)
IMG_4534J (47)-001

IMG_4534J (46)-001

IMG_4534J (29)-001

IMG_4534J (52)-001

IMG_4534J (62)-001
I totally want to stay at this hotel! It used to be a hospital and it was one of the last buildings built in Jerome (1926). It's been on TV for its supposed hauntings. Some rooms are closed to the public and people claim to hear noises from those rooms. They have a guest book in their lobby and flipping through it you see a lot of people writing about cats... there are no cats in the building. Hmmmm...

IMG_4534J (67)-001

IMG_4534J (72)-001

IMG_4534J (93)-001

IMG_4534J (100)-001

IMG_4534J (89)-001
Creepy right?
IMG_4534J (118)-001

IMG_4534J (186)-001

IMG_4534J (171)-001

IMG_4534J (203)-001

IMG_4534J (212)-001

IMG_4534J (210)-001
Learn something new every day I guess!
IMG_4534J (264)-001

IMG_4534J (279)-001
This building that has no hope anymore used to be a jail cell I'm guessing. I've been inside this before but it's fenced now since it's about to collaspe. Written on the wall says "it was more fun in hell", not sure if that goes with the history or if it's newer, but I do know it's been there for years. I can imagine Hell being more fun, that bed doesn't look very comfy :p 
IMG_4534J (182)-001
That about sums it up with my million photos :)
Much more to see in this little place, including Ghost Town! Hope to visit you soon again Jerome!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have an awesome day!


  1. Eeek! Love this. .... and that photo with the blue sky, red flowers and lens flair. ...SWOON....all your photos are so lovely. .... did you take them all yourself? If so, I think you're an awesome photographer/photo editor ♡

    1. Thank you!! Yes I took them myself and I edit them with Picasa. I want to take a photography class to learn more. Everything so far is self taught :)