Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washington Layout :: On The Road + Video!

Back again with another Washington layout!
Here are the supplies I pulled for this layout!

It seems to me I am having an arrow theme for this album lol. I know arrows are pretty popular in
the scrapbooking world at the moment and they sure did get me with them!
I love how something so simple like arrows and add more attention to certain areas on a layout!
And onto the making...
Here is a closer look at the finished page!
I love using these large photos! These photos were taken from the car driving back to Seattle from my Aunts house. I was so pleased with the way they came out. A little tip is to take tons of photos of the same scene. This works out for me pretty well since I am a little picky and I've learned my lesson from snapping only one shot and having it turn out bad. :)
Here is a closer look at the title! I love these thickers with the map print on them! Perfect for travel pages! These Thickers were the inspiration for this whole page! I love finiding inspiration in my supplies. I loved the hints of green they have on these letters and realized I had paint and ink that matched. I liked how the yellow looked with the green, it helped keep this whole page on the bright side!
Yes I realize the photo is sticking up :( I fixed that though lol. I take my layouts outside to get better lighting for them and it was pretty hot, the sun lifted the corner, but thats ok it's an easy fix!
I love those little hexagon stickers. I bought them not knowing what I was going to do with them but they add a little something and are great for layering! I somewhat used this "click" stamp as my form of journaling. Since I didn't add pockets or a place to write I figured these photos and this stamp can do the talking. The photo of my grandma in the car reminds me of when I took these pictures and the stamp reminds me of how many I took LOL.
And now onto the fun little cluster. (I know it looks like it says "his way" but it says "this way" I promise lol). So I really thought that I wouldn't use this badge because seeing it alone and knowing I haven't been to those places wasn't that appealing to me. Once I started to pull all the supplies for this layout I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought and actually loved the way it looks. It ties in nicely with the title of the page. Overall I love how this little cluster turned out. I am pleased with the colors for this page!
What was the last thing you scrapbooked about? Love to hear what you are working on!!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a great day :)


  1. That shade of green that you pulled out of the thickers is one of my favorite colors! This layout turned out so fun :D

    I haven't scrapped a layout in forever, but I did just post a digital layout on my blog about our trip to the pumpkin patch. It turned out a little crazy, but I love it anyways XO

  2. Love the large photo - where do you have them printed?

    1. I order mine from persnicketyprints.com :)