Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back To Nature

Hey everyone!
So in the three years I was living in Las Vegas I totally forgot what it was like to live around
a bunch of little bugs and critters! It's a nice change to be back since nature is one of my favorite things to photograph so I thought I would stop in with a little post for you!!
All these pictures were taken around the house. On the porch, on the driveway and in the garden!

These photos can be my favorite but worse! lol. As much as I love taking them I am scared a bees!
I have yet to take a picture with a giant butterfly. I seem to always miss them, but this one was so tiny and cute :)
If you follow me on Instagram (KraftyBuns) then I am sure you've seen me post this one. I love this picture! I will be posting a layout with the photo of this little guy tomorrow so come back to check it out!
And here is another I posted on Instagram! :)

And this little guy has to be my favorite!! My step dad is known for either bringing some kind of critter into the house to scare me or my mom, or is known to call us outside to show us something. So I thought when he knocked on the window to show us this tiny tiny little guy it was something otherwise. I've never seen one so small so of course I had to grab my camera! He's just to cute!
What are your favorite things to photograph? Leave me a comment since I'd love to hear!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!

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