Sunday, December 16, 2012

Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works

And another post for today! 
This post is highlighting my favorite product that I received from the Cosmo VoxBox.

Now remember, I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster's VoxBox program! 
If you've read the review post then you know by now my favorite was the Forever Red perfume exclusively  from Bath & Body Works!!
forever red
Here is the product information!
Experience Our Most Luxurious Fragrance Ever!
Bath & Body Works' most luxurious longest lasting fragrance blends opulent noted of fiery red pomegranate and delicate peche de vigne, a rare and fleeting French peach. Soft petals of red osmanthus give way to notes of addictive velvety marshmallow and a surprising finale of rich vanilla rum that leaves an unforgettable impression.

Forever Red is available in:
Eau du Parfum
Fine Fragrance Mist
Rollerball & Lip Wand Duo
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Triple Moisture Body Cream
Shimmer Mist
Golden Sugar Scrub

Alrighty then, more of my opinions on this product!
I'll start off by saying I am a huge Bath & Body Works fan/customer! I love how many varieties of scents they offer and that they carry an entire line for each scent so you don't have to mix it with other products. 
I wasn't surprised when they came out with another awesome line (Forever Red). I was however surprised on how much I love this scent. I am picky about what I spray on myself since a lot of perfumes give me headaches from being to strong. Forever Red last long without being over powering when you wear it. 
The scent is so warm and just yummy that it's perfect for the holidays however, I can see myself wearing this even in the hotter months. The packaging is cute and seriously.... if you have no idea what this smells like then you should go check it out!!

I normally wear body sprays during the day and perfumes when I know I'm going out for the night, but I find myself wearing this one during the day also since it's, once again, not over powering. The smell reminds me of something but I can not think of what it is!! The product description of the smells are dead on. You get such a great mix of everything and it goes together soooo nicely!!

If you aren't sure what to get that special someone this year (or just want to spoil yourself) then I would recommend Forever Red!
You can check out their products in a store near you or if you are daring enough and taking my word on it then you can visit their website to make the purchase! (Don't forget to sign up for exlusive coupons and offers)
Again, I am not being paid to talk about this product, I simply received it in my Cosmo VoxBox from to test it out and to give my honest opinion! And I standby Forever Red because it's just straight up yummy goodness! I totally need to purchase the big bottle :)

Thank you for stopping by and again, have a great day!!

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