Thursday, June 6, 2013

Through The Viewfinder

Hello all!
So I've been wanting a Kodak Duaflex camera and yesterday was the day to buy one! 
I saw one along with different types of cameras in a booth at an antique store one day... was regretting I didn't buy it, went back yesterday and the one I wanted was the only one left! 
It was just meant to be ;)
photo (16)

So although they don't sell 620 film anymore you can still use these cameras. 
You have to make a box to black out all the lighting and use your normal camera to take a photo though the viewfinder. I will make another post about this along the road when I make a legit box for it!
I was to anxious yesterday and made a ghetto one out of paper. It wasn't the most ideal setup considering I used white paper and there is still light coming through. This is what it looks like before you crop and edit.

Whoever owned this camera took great care of it! Almost too good because the lens isn't dusty enough :P

Here is my favorite after cropping and editing the photo using Picasa 3.

And a few more... because I was obsessed

Originals 06-05-2013

I can't take all the credit for this, Tara Anderson from ThePinkCouch will post photo like this here and there and I totally fell in love with them! (she is also the reason I'm obsessed with milkglass). So thank you Tara for the idea! :)

Well the wraps up today post, until next time!

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